My Mine

My Mine

My Mine – Hypnotic Tango (zshare)

Why is it that we feel the need to post old italo disco songs from the 1980’s among the selection of other music that appears on this site? When you think of it, they really have nothing to do with dancehall, electro, hip hop, etc. The interest in putting them up here is that though, as far as attitude is concerned, they seem worlds apart, they are linked as being at two different points along the line of history that leads from disco to the mosaic of different dance music forms that are popular today. Yes, we believe things started with disco. Fuck off. This song is actually pretty awesome. It’s all about the intro. That intro is awesome as fuck and should be sampled by someone if it hasn’t been already. Hey you! Yeah, get on that! Here is the video. Once again, everyone looks like a fucking douche. Germans.

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