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Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

So, Michael Jackson is dead. It’s pretty crazy. What are we supposed to do with this? Are we now expected to mourn him? It’s a tough call because if he were still alive at this moment it would be an easy bet that someone out there would be making a joke about him. It’s also tough because the man who died yesterday had pretty much stopped making any meaningful contribution to the world of music years ago. His work certainly informs the music that is made today and will certainly inform the music of the future but that process was bound to happen regardless of his survival. The man himself was a freakshow. Most of you certainly thought so two days ago and there is no reason to stop thinking that now. I guess the importance of his death the way we see it stems from the fact that his passing reinforces the fact that the world of our childhoods and the world of today are more distinct than ever. His passing is a mark on the clock. The hands have now moved so much forward that to ignore the inexorable march of time and, therefore, the limited time allotted to us in our lives is impossible. This is the post-jacksonian era.

What will the post-jacksonian era look like you may ask? What new shape will our world take on? A few things are certain:

1. Tobago will split from Trinidad.

2. Dane Cook will stop making “comedy”.

3. This will stop:


5. Cargo pants will become office wear.

6. Enough of this list.

Who can forget Michael Jackson’s incredible adventures. Like the time he captained a spaceship with a rag-tag crew to a garbage planet and taught them the power of dance and the gift of beauty:

Yes, we like to undermine our own insightful commentary.


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