SONG OF THE DAY: TOK – SHE’S A HOE   1 comment




Tok – She’s a Hoe (zshare)

Let us preface this post by stating that this song is not brand new. It is, in fact, several years old. It is also, if we may state it, a classic. Walmer cats listen to this track all the time because it’s dope as shit. TOK or T.O.K. or T dot O dot K are a dancehall group and they have dropped some crazy classic tracks over the years. Chi Chi Man Bar anyone? This track is also the fucking shit because it is a remake of this classic italo disco song: 

Baltimora – Tarzan Boy (zshare)

Which song do you think is more awesome? Take a minute to think about your answer. Still need more time? Well maybe this will help you make your decision:

Yes, that’s a thing that people thought would be a good idea back in the 80’s. Still stuck? Well sadly there is no TOK video so that is the best you will get. Wait, what’s that? You have your answer? Well great! Write it down on a peice of paper, fold it and then put it into your computer (your cd rom drive should do) and send it to us.


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